Covid-19 Updates

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Dear Graduate Students:

UNCG Cares! We hope you are staying healthy and managing well. During this unprecedented time that is creating uncertainty, anxiety, and disruption, please know that UNCG is there for you.  We understand that this fast pivot to online instruction has been disorienting to both students and faculty. In order to relieve some of your anxiety, the Graduate Council has proposed several end of term grading options. Our goal is to allow everyone to settle into our new online reality and continue with your learning without fear of failure. All we ask is that you do your best under these trying circumstances.

We have full confidence that you will adapt to this new format, therefore; faculty will post letter grades at the end of the semester as usual. If you feel the posted grade was negatively impacted by the corona virus disruption, you will have several options for redress.

Students considering any of these options are strongly advised to discuss them with their academic advisor, their Graduate Program Director or Director of Graduate Studies, the Financial Aid Office, or the Enrolled Students Services office in the Graduate School.

  1. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grade Option for Spring 2020 only. UNCG will provide graduate students with the opportunity to request an S/U option for any letter-graded course taken during Spring 2020, by submitting a form to the Enrolled Students Services Office in the Graduate School between May 12, 2020 and July 1, 2020.
    • Letter-graded courses with an earned S during Spring 2020 will count towards degree or graduation requirements; students should consult with their program director regarding impact on disciplinary licensure or accreditation requirements.
    • The grade of S will be awarded for a passing grade for your program; the grade of U will be awarded for a non-passing grade. Please see your program’s grading policies in your program handbooks.
      • A passing grade for doctoral students is generally a letter grade of B or higher; and
      • A passing grade for other graduate students is generally a letter grade of C or higher, unless otherwise specified in your program.
    • Grades of S and U are not factored into the student’s grade point average.
    • The Graduate School will contact any students on Academic Probation who are seeking an S/U option for a letter-graded course.
  2. Incomplete (I) Grades Entered for the Spring 2020 Term Can Be Extended Up to a Maximum of One Year. Incomplete grades for Spring 2020 must be replaced with a letter grade within one year from the end of the term. Extending the incomplete past this one-year period requires the permission of the instructor.
  3. Course Withdrawal (W) for Spring 2020 only. All graduate students may request total or selective administrative withdrawal without penalty (W) from any or all courses taken during Spring 2020 through June 1, 2020. Students receiving Federal Financial Aid should contact the Financial Aid Office before requesting withdrawal.
  4. Academic transcripts will indicate that courses taken during the 2020 Spring semester were impacted by COVID-19.

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Dana Dunn
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Kelly Burke
Vice Provost & Dean of The Graduate School