Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

We recognize the challenges and uncertainty associated with potential changes in operations at UNCG and other public universities in the coming year because of COVID-19. As a result of practical and financial considerations UNCG has shared with our incoming residential students a contract addendum drafted with guidance from the UNC System that indicates the university is not under any obligation to provide refunds as occurred in the Spring of 2020. 

We know that this addendum has created some concern. We recognize this language has been interpreted as a comprehensive decision not to issue refunds in any circumstances. We would like to clarify this position.  

Consistent with UNC System guidance, we are advising our students of the possibility that refunds may not be available, particularly absent state or federal financial relief, to aid in student and family decision making.  The current economic environment for UNCG and the UNC System makes determining our future refund strategy extremely difficult at this time. The financial implications of these decisions directly impact our ability to provide meaningful educational programs, experiences, and student services in the future. However, if we are able to find ways to offer financial relief – in the form of refunds or other measures – to support our students, we will do so.