Covid-19 Updates

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Dear Spartans,

As you know, a lot has changed since the Fall 2021 course schedule was originally constructed. Thanks to great progress made against COVID-19, we are now able to offer more in-person courses and as a result are adjusting student schedules. We know that as students who chose in-person degree programs, the campus experience is essential – for many of you,  it was an important reason why you chose to become Spartans – so we are excited to be taking this step toward normalcy this fall. 

About 500 course sections, initially designated as hybrid or online formats, are being transitioned to in-person courses this week. It is finally possible to do this safely thanks to the widespread availability of vaccines and a significant drop in local COVID-19 cases. On campus, face coverings are still required in classrooms and other indoor public spaces. We’re continuing to review public health guidance and will communicate details concerning Fall 2021 COVID safety practices in the weeks leading to the start of the semester.   

In the coming days, you will be notified by email if you are affected as we update courses to more in-person sections. We recommend that you log-in to UNCGenie later this month to view the most up-to-date version of your schedule.

We wish you all the best this summer, and look forward to welcoming you back to our vibrant, dynamic campus in August. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Go Spartans!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my schedule is affected? 
Students who are directly affected by these changes will receive emails to their preferred addresses letting them know that adjustments have been made. Please note that we are not making changes to the days or times to existing courses in the fall; we know students chose those slots intentionally, and we are doing everything we can to preserve student schedules as they were during the spring registration period. Students who are unsure of how their courses will be delivered are encouraged to look carefully at their schedules in UNCGenie, especially during the next few weeks as adjustments are being made.

How do I view my schedule?
To look up your Student Schedule by Day and Time, login to UNCGenie, then take the following steps: 

  • Select Student Services and Financial Aid.
  • Select Registration.
  • Select Student Schedule by Day and Time.

You can use the Previous Week or Next Week buttons if you would like to see your schedule for a different week. Keep in mind the first week of fall semester is not a full week, so you may want to skip ahead to the 2nd week of the term to see your typical full week schedule.

What if I can’t make the scheduled course meeting day/time?
We anticipate that some students may have schedule conflicts as a result of these changes. Students who have questions specific to their situation or now want to change class sections should contact their course instructors or their academic advisors. Links to University advising contacts can be found here.

What measures is UNCG taking to ensure continued safety of students and instructors?
We are confident that resuming more in-person classes will still yield safe learning environments. UNCG had the lowest per capita COVID infection rate of all NC public universities last year. We are using the same careful judgment, consulting the most recent public health guidance as we plan for the year ahead. We will communicate the specifics of fall safety measures in the coming weeks. A few things we already know:

  • Face coverings are still currently required in instructional spaces.
  • We will continue to offer vaccines to students and employees on campus, and will continue to strongly encourage members of our community to get vaccinated if they haven’t already
  • Our largest teaching and learning spaces will operate at reduced capacity to ensure proper distancing. 
  • The air handling systems for all classroom buildings were assessed last summer, and adjustments were made where they were needed. It’s important to remember that classroom capacities, even pre-COVID, are dictated by environmental health and safety standards.
  • We will continue to offer free surveillance testing for employees and students, and will continue mandatory surveillance testing for students living in residence halls who have not been vaccinated.  
  • We will continue our self-reporting process so we can carefully monitor cases of the virus on campus and in the community, and will make adjustments as needed should case counts begin to rise.
  • We will continue to remind everyone that, should they feel ill, they should stay home and consult their doctor to see if they need to be tested.  

Can I still get housing on campus?
If you have an interest in living in campus housing at UNCG, we still have some space available.

  • Housing and Residence Life will continue to take housing applications until all rooms are filled.
  • If you complete the application with a $200 pre-payment (or are eligible to have the pre-payment waived) the $1500 housing grant will be applied automatically.
  • We cannot guarantee a particular style of housing, building, or room type at this point, but we can guarantee a space on campus
  • All information with regard to moving in on campus is available in the HRL Move-In Guide.