Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

Faculty and staff,

After close consultation with state and federal authorities, emergency management, and public health experts, the UNC System Office has announced several guidelines for all UNC System schools in order to minimize the impact of COVID-19. This memo provides important and immediate actions that our campus will be taking in reaction to these guidelines. There are no confirmed cases at UNCG at this time.  

This is a public health response and based on best practices. We must be proactive and do what is best to protect our students, our employees, and our extended community of families, friends, and neighbors.  

We have notified students that all face-to-face classes will be suspended March 16 – 20 in order to prepare as many courses as possible to transition to an online format beginning Monday, March 23rd. Note that some classes cannot be delivered online and those courses will continue to be delivered face-to-face. More information about specific courses will be forthcoming. Though students will be encouraged to leave campus next week, some students will remain on campus, and many students may return the week of March 23rd.  

UNCG will remain open as normal for the rest of the week of March 9th. Employees are expected to report to work as usual.Effective immediately, supervisors are encouraged to explore teleworking arrangements for employees who can effectively complete their job assignments from a remote location.

Additionally, based on UNC System guidance, all events and programs with over 100 attendees that are scheduled to be held between now and March 30, must be cancelled or postponed, unless otherwise authorized by the Chancellor or Provost. It is likely that this time horizon will be extended, so look for subsequent communications on this matter. 

University-sponsored travel outside of North Carolina, or within the state to gatherings of 100 people or more, shall be suspended unless prior written authorization to travel is given by the Chancellor or Provost. This prohibition includes student organizations. 

Staff and faculty are encouraged to avoid travel to areas with active community transmission. See the University’s Novel COVID-19 Information Page for links to information about affected areas.

These steps are designed to mitigate risk – reduce large groups, slow virus transmission, and provide a safer environment. UNCG employees should also practice smart hygiene and social distancing techniques. More information and guidance is available here. This includes:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Cover your cough with a tissue or sneeze/cough into your elbow.
  • Do not share food.
  • Keep exercise equipment and other shared assets clean.
  • Disinfect frequently touched objects using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Stay home when you are sick and avoid close contact with those who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

UNCG is not closing, and we are moving forward with our semester, albeit under some unique circumstances. We recognize these actions will invariably lead to questions and new challenges. We appreciate your commitment, dedication, and focus on our mission. Please ensure you stay informed by monitoring email, following @UNCG social media channels, downloading our UNCG Mobile app (iTunes and Google Apps), and regularly visiting our dedicated coronavirus website.