Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

Faculty and staff,

We understand that the new announcement that NC K-12 public schools will be closed through at least March 30th will present additional challenges for many of our employees, as well as some of our students. 

Supervisors, this new information reinforces the importance of identifying teleworking options when at all possible. Please see the UNCG Keep Working website for additional resources. As previously stated, supervisors should be providing maximum flexibility in this regard.  

We have not yet received new guidance from the UNC System Office, but we will communicate with you as soon as possible should that happen. 

As always, it is critically important to stay connected and informed during this time. Please regularly check our dedicated Coronavirus webpage. Bookmark it for easy access. We update it frequently. Please ensure you are monitoring your email and UNCG social media channels as we will update information as frequently and quickly as possible. 

Thank you.