Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

We have developed some additional information based on the number of questions we have received regarding the symptoms, testing, reporting, and contact tracing for COVID-19.

Daily Symptom Check

Every day, before coming to work, you should screen yourself for COVID-19 symptoms and check your temperature. If you experience COVID-19 symptoms or do not feel well for any reason, you should not report to work. Instead, you should call your primary care provider and notify your supervisor. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you should complete the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form.

COVID-19 Testing Information


UNCG students can be tested for COVID-19 at Student Health Services. Students should call Student Health Services at 336-334-5340 to schedule an appointment with a provider to determine if testing is indicated.


Employees can seek testing through their primary care provider or from one of the community testing sites established. Testing is also available through selected pharmacies. Student Health Services is not conducting COVID-19 testing for employees.

To find a community testing site employees can visit: 

If you would like to be tested in Guilford County at a community testing site, you should call 336-641-7527 to schedule a COVID-19 testing appointment with Guilford County Public Health.  

COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form

UNCG has created a process for students, faculty, and staff to self report COVID-19 cases. If you experience COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19 (or a health care provider tells you that you are presumed positive), or if someone in your immediate household tests positive, please notify the university by filling out the form at This procedure is voluntary, and the information submitted will be shared only with limited University officials  to make a determination if additional cleaning and other response actions need to be taken on campus. Employees should also notify their supervisor and contact Human Resources regarding eligibility for COVID-19 leave provisions that are currently in effect. Please note that completing the form does not serve as notification to your supervisor that you are not available for work.  

If you do not have internet access at the time which you need to report your case, Students should call 336-334-3129 and Employees should call 336-334-5009 to complete the report.

COVID-19 Supervisor Reporting Form

UNCG has created a process for supervisors to report positive COVID-19 cases reported within their units. If an employee reports that they have COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive for COVID-19, or someone in their immediate household has tested positive, supervisors are to report that information by filling out the form at Information submitted will be shared only with limited University officials  to make a determination if additional cleaning and other response actions need to be taken on campus. Supervisors should also refer employees to the Human Resources Department to determine eligibility for COVID-19 leave provisions.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is the systematic identification and monitoring of all persons who are a close contact of a person diagnosed with COVID-19 during their infectious period. In instances where a UNCG student or employee reports testing positive or feeling ill, the University will take preliminary steps to understand whether other members of the UNCG community may have been exposed through close contact (e.g., will ask about roommates, close co-workers) and may ask that they be tested and/or self quarantine as a precaution.  The formal process of contact tracing is conducted by the county health department and starts once someone tests positive for COVID-19. The University will assist with this process by providing information regarding schedules, living/working locations, and known activities on campus.  If the county health department determines you to be a close contact of someone who has tested positive, you will receive a phone call from NC OUTREACH (844-628-7223) or the local health department. It is important that you answer or return this call. To see how the contact tracing process works, review this sample contact tracing case.