Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

Dear UNCG Community, 

Student employment plays a critical role in providing financial support for students’ educational progress while also enabling opportunities for experiential learning. With this in mind, please read the following guidance based on questions we have received on this issue.

Key Points:

  • As stated in other recent communications, UNCG remains open and the work of the University continues.
  • Students’ ability to continue to make academic progress while not assuming additional financial burdens remains our priority.
  • We will hold students harmless from a financial standpoint; if a student is unable to work or no work is available, the student will still be paid for hours they are expected to work. We are encouraging students to leave campus for the next week (March 16-20) and many students whose courses are moved online in totality may choose to remain off campus after that.
  • Productivity and getting the work of the University done remains a priority. When at all possible, employers should identify alternate projects or tasks that can be completed during this time period by student employees.   
  • A team is currently working to understand the likely financial implications to the University and will work closely with departments to address these issues.
  • As a reminder, students may not be designated as mandatory employees.

Federal Work Study
For more information regarding federal work study, please visit the update shared earlier today.

Graduate Assistants
The Graduate School has communicated that supervisors should follow the guidelines above and pay graduate assistants for the remainder of the semester. The previously provided guidelines regarding teleworking for all employees apply to graduate assistants as well.

Contract and Grant-Funded Student Positions
The Office of Research and Engagement will work with principal investigators to identify financing if contract/grant funding cannot be used to support the student financial commitments.