Covid-19 Updates

The latest from UNC Greensboro

Dear UNCG Community,

As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we continue to receive regular updates from the state and the UNC System in an effort to be consistent across the 17 constituent institutions to minimize confusion.  We have received a few clarifications today, though the recent communications about our status and operations remain largely unchanged. Specifically:

  • Even as we shift the majority of classes to online environments, the University remains open.  Residence halls and other facilities are functioning as previously communicated. We strongly encourage students who can to move out of residence halls and continue their studies remotely. This is the preferred option, but we know this is not an option for everyone. As we have stated before, no student will be left without a viable living option.
  • It is expected that student-facing offices will remain open, and staff will continue to be available to meet the needs of the University.
  • At the same time, we continue to strongly encourage teleworking for those employees who are able to effectively do so. Please see previous guidance and, again, we ask supervisors to provide maximum flexibility when feasible. We also realize the recent decision to close the public schools will create childcare issues for employees, and we encourage flexibility in granting leave, including  advanced leave if necessary, to help employees with this situation. We expect to convey additional detail and guidance from the UNC System as soon as possible.   
  • Based on the Governor’s statements this week and recent CDC guidance, UNCG will now move to cancel or postpone any event or gathering that will assemble 50 or more people in a single space. There will be few if any exceptions to this policy, which now require System approval. Having more than 50 people in a building, but spread out in various rooms does not constitute a “mass gathering” and makes social distancing more effective. Accordingly, campus buildings, residence halls, and dining facilities can continue to operate. In line with recommendations about social distancing, it is strongly encouraged that events or meetings of less than 100 people be rescheduled or conducted virtually if possible.  
  • For the week of March 16, buildings will be secured as they are during a standard University break. Employees may be required to use ID cards and/or keys to access their buildings.

All operational changes are in place until further notice and adjustments or changes will be communicated by the University.

As a reminder, the services of ComPsych, the University’s Employee Assistance Program provider, is available to all UNCG employees free of charge. 

It is critically important to stay connected and informed during this time. Please regularly check our dedicated coronavirus webpage. Bookmark it for easy access. We update it frequently. Please ensure you are monitoring your email as we will update conditions as soon as the information becomes available.  We strongly recommend downloading the UNCG Mobile app for your phone from the iTunes App store or the Google Play app store. This is a convenient way to access news, and we will push notifications to your device when they are important. Finally please follow @UNCG on whatever social media platforms you use.  This is a fast, easy way to stay up to date. Thank you.